Personal Training

Each workout is tailored to the client’s personal goals, needs, preferences and limitations. A typical workout will include a combination of the following:

functional training
sport specific training
weight loss
aerobic training
anaerobic training

Diet and Nutrition

terraFITNESS offers nutrition consultations and meal planning with our in-house registered dietitian Andrew Wade. Nutritionplays a key part of leading a healthy lifestyle and Andrew bases his recommendations on the fundamental principle that there is no universal healthy lifestyle. Instead, energy intake, nutrient needs, supplementation, physical activity and time management should all be tailored to each individual. Said another way, pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is “Case Specific”.

Sport Specific Training

Sport Specific Training:
Tennis, soccer, cycling, you name the sport and we will help make you a better athlete. Talent can only take an athlete so far; you need to be in your best shape to perform at your best. Together, we will make this happen!

Elite Training

Take your fitness to the next level with our elite training sessions. Tailored for the seasoned athlete, our sessions will take you above and beyond what you thought possible.


Guidance and Motivation

Your training sessions do not end when you walk out of the gym. We will inspire you to exercise and stay motivated. Breaking bad habits is one of the most challenging things that a person can do. Together we will replace bad habits with good ones. Your life will forever change, for the better!